Mads Toghøj - Who?

Name: Mads Toghøj
(pronounced: “Mas Tow-hoi”)
Artist name: Mads T.
Occupation: Danish singer-songwriter.
Born: 1980 in the city of Skagen, Denmark.
Family: Married to Nette. Two sons, Travis and Kevin.
Web (and to buy album):

Svendborg Rocks


Mythical Skagen sits on the very northern tip of Jutland, historically an isolated fisherman’s village surrounded by rough seas, inhabited by rugged fishermen and their women and by tradition a source of Danish folk music.  Actually, Mads T’s grandfather on his mother’s side became nation-wide famous for his versions of traditional fisherman’s songs.  

Growing up in Skagen in an environment of folk music obviously made its mark on Mads T. He has played music since he was a teenager.  Inspired by American music, whether it is blues, folk, country or good old time Rock’n’Roll,  he recalls treasuring his dad’s LP collection. Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash probably made the biggest immediate impact on him along with songwriters such as Kris Kristofferson. Mads T. labels his music and songs “Music from the heart” as to emphasize where it all comes from; It is personal, but to be shared.  

Alley Of Faith: The songs from his debut album “Alley Of Faith” represent his very own mix of music styles that have kept inspiring him since childhood. You can tell this is an unusual recording just by looking at it: You do not just get a CD –  the vinyl LP is included as well! Alley Of Faith was recorded in Nashville in 2012 with a team of fantastic producers, musicians and back-up singers who used to work on a regular base with Elvis, Johnny and so many other of Mads T’s heroes. Still very active, a few years had nevertheless passed since these guys had last recorded new, original material. However, thanks to a very special connection with Denmark and the label Svendborg Rocks - and last but not least - the quality of Mads T’s songwriting, they all decided to appear on this album. When was the last time you heard Elvis’ unbelievable 1970ies’ back-up singers give their all in brand new back-up arrangements? Nobody did. Until now…
To conclude, Alley Of Faith is a one-of-a-kind production: A talented singer-songwriter’s debut album singing his own, very personal material while paying his honors and dues to his musical idols, supported by the very same idols’ preferred studio musicians and back-up singers. It is a new talent’s ultimate expression of gratitude, veneration and love. It is “Music From The Heart” of Mads T.

Current activities include touring with his band, as a trio or solo performing songs from his debut album as well as other songs. He loves to perform live in front of an audience – big or small. His warm, full voice and the lyrics and not the least their background create an intimacy between Mads T. and his audience that is difficult to describe.
Mads T. is a very productive songwriter and is in the process of selecting material for his next album. Whatever the future holds for Mads T., one thing is certain: He will keep on writing and performing his music from the heart.